Why Wayland Is Better

cai posted @ 2012年7月14日 13:01 in 未分类 with tags Render Wayland x11 , 2862 阅读

X11 is a so called DISPLAY SERVER.

Wayland it not. Wayland is a protocol between Compositor and the Clients, there is not DISPLAY SERVER.

To be a DISPLAY SERVER, you need to be able to RENDER for clients. 

To be able to RENDER for clients, you need to DEFINE A RENDER API, which is a very bad idea

Wayland does not have a render api. you need to use OpenGL or what ever you like to render contents.


依云 说:
2012年7月14日 14:11

Wayland is not, so there's no way for it to display applications on other mathines.

cai 说:
2012年7月15日 08:15

No, You can use VirtuGL to do remote rendering work.

依云 说:
2012年7月15日 10:42

OK, hope it will work smoothly as X does.

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